About Turtle's Mini Bakes

Behind the Bakes

Hey, I’m Paréce, a mum, a wife, an assistant psychologist and a home baker. I started baking at a young age with my nan (who was a professional baker) and with my mum at home on the weekends. As my younger cousins got older I loved being in the kitchen with them, making box mixes of cupcakes and iced fingers (remember making these in school)

Before going to Uni I started to bake more often, enjoying practicing new recipes (White chocolate mud cake and blueberry muffins were my favourites) and baking for small family celebrations. It wasn’t till i left home that i really started baking and expanding my skill set. My parents bought me my standing mixer and i filled my cupboards with baking supplies. Any spare moment i had, even at 3am when i couldn’t sleep, i’d pull everything out and bake. And now in addition to baking as a “side hustle”, I’m also baking with my 2 year old (Turtle) which i love. But more than anything, I love baking because my nan was a baker. Every time she tastes one of my cakes and enjoys them i’m filled with such pride and a sense of accomplishment. Between borrowing her baking tins, using her recipes and taking on all her advice and feedback, Turtle’s Mini Bakes is as much for my little one as it is for my Nan. I hope you all enjoy tasting my bakes, as much as I love making them

Turtle's Mini Bakes

Turtle’s Mini Bakes, is a home bakery based in West Byfleet. Our specialism is our Mini Bakes & Rum Cakes. In addition to these, we also offer loaf cakes, cupcakes, and bespoke cakes to meet all your needs. We make each cake especially for you! We use fresh ingredients and the best ingredients for each of our bakes. 

You can reach us via WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook. We look forward to making you delicious bakes!

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How we started

Have you ever felt for piece of cake, and you go to the store or check an app delivery services, and none of the options are quite right? Your options are either a slice of cake, a celebration/birthday cake, pack of cupcakes or a small cake (which serves 6!). But what you really want is cake, not a slice of cake, your own cake, that you can enjoy guilt-free. Well this is how the idea of Turtle’s Mini Bakes was born.

My aunt asked for a lemon cake for her birthday but a “small cake”. An 8″ is not quite a small cake, and even after she shared most of it out she still said it was too much cake. I continued baking cakes at home, for my little one, friends and family, but I still wanted to make something smaller, and individual. A cupcake nor a slice would not cut it, so I looked at the various baking tin options and while it wasn’t too easy to find a 4″ tin, once I did, I knew this was the exact size I was looking for.

A 4″ cake that fits in the palm of my hand. A small cake that I can gift for a birthday cake, and not be told its too big a cake. A Mini Bake that I can enjoy to myself, or can cut in half and share (when feeling in a giving mood).

So I started baking more 4″ cakes, in batches of three. One for me, one for mum and then one to give away to whoever I was going to visit. I worked on scaling down all my recipes to my 4″ Tins. Sourced 4″ boxes, and proudly gave these to family and friends. After months of people telling me my cakes were really good and I should sell them, i finally took the leap to start Turtle’s Mini Bakes and here we are